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Welcome to Dorado Hosting, we are here to help you get your website online today! Some of you may have seen our first Facebook post and know that we’ve actually started back in March 2014. However due to focus on other projects we’ve postponed further development of Dorado Hosting.

Without further ado, this is our new website and we are open for business. The title does say “get your website online today”, but we want to deliver more on that promise. It’s a very special moment in time when you launch your website, not to mention when you launch it for the very first time!

Step 1. pick the right domain name

It all starts with a domain name. We understand that we may not have the most competitive prices, but we do give one domain name for free to all our web hosting clients. We do this because we don’t want to be viewed as a domain registrar. Domain names are important when it comes to bringing your company online, but that is also just the first step.

Step 2. pick the right web hosting

Your search ends now, we have you covered. Do you want to create a WordPress website? No problem. Would you like cPanel as a control panel for your web hosting? Got it! Space, lots of space? Check! We don’t stop there either. Putting a website online shouldn’t be the end goal. You probably want to increase sales, connect with your clients, provide better support, improve brand awareness, reach potential international clients. This list could go on and on.

Step 3. set clear goals

After reading the last paragraph you could have seen this step coming. Setting clear goals matters in any project, and especially for getting your website online. So why not begin with the end in mind? That’s what Stephen Covey would advise in 7 habits of highly effective people. So why not become effective and apply this principle to creating your website.

Step 4. pick right technology

Do you want to install WordPress, or a build a custom CMS (Content Management System)? What is your budget in this regard? Can you afford a WordPress theme or do you want custom tailored design for your CMS or HTML? Don’t worry, if you need help making a decision, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact us.

Get your website online

Get your website online

Step 5. get your website online

After you’ve completed the first steps you have to fill it up with content (text and images) and your website is ready! Don’t be fooled, now is not the time to rest. That is day one! Now you have to do search engine optimization, promote the website on social media and even advertise on search engines to get first website visitors. Another great way to keep communication channels open is to host a newsletter and reach out on a regular basis to your clients.

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