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Dorado hosting story actually starts back in 2006 when I was working for a boss I didn’t really respect, my paycheck was always late and sometimes I didn’t even receive it. Little did I know back then that it was my responsibility to step up. I guess that’s the main reason behind Dorado Hosting three pillars.

Reliability. Expertise. Kaizen. We want our clients to know they can rely on us. And to do so because we are experts in our game, and because we will do our best to improve our game every year, every month, every week, every day.

Back in 2006 I embarked on that journey for the first time. I co-founded a small web design and web hosting company with 2 partners and sold it in 2011 to pursue a SAAS startup. I am still involved with that startup, and after a decade I am personally still involved in the web hosting industry.

Dorado Hosting

Imagine Christmas morning and your website is down. It's your best friend's wedding, and your website is hacked. It's the European championship soccer semi-finals, and your database is stuck. We've been there. If situations like this happen to you, we are ready and will assist you every step of the way.

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